my work

Hana Karim, 1988. Sempeter pri Gorici, Slovenia.

Lives in Ajdovscina, Slovenia.

2007 Graduated from high school Gimnazija Vena Pilona, Ajdovscina, Slovenia
2014 Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education, thesis: “Miniature Sculpture and Its Relation to the Human Body”, Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia


Solo Exhibition

2011 ‘fORMINORA’ at Gallery Licna hisa, Ajdovscina, Slovenia


Group Exhibitions

2011 ‘fORMINORA’ at Gallery Slovenijales, Month of Design, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2013 ‘Philips Fashion Week’ at Urban Culture Institute Kino Siska, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2013 ‘Keramika je ženskega spola’ (Ceramics is a Woman) at Riko Debenjak Gallery, Kanal ob Soči, Slovenia
2013 ‘MINIMUM MAXIMUM’ exhibition of miniatures at Rappaz museum in Basel, Switzerland and in Culture Centre in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2014 ‘The New Modernist’ at The Shop Floor Project gallery, Cumbria, UK: Karim’s ceramic glazed pieces have a strong, sculptural quality about them, almost reminiscent of Henry Moore’s monumental reclining women, only these are much easier to wear.

2016 ‘Mozaik’ at Lokar Gallery (Ajdovščina, SLO), a group exhibition of young artists, members of Artists Association of Northen Primorska region
2014 – ‘Contemporary Artisans’ by Lab Laar (Valentina Vovk, Maj Pavček, Maja Korun Hočevar), Slovenia
2014 Design Milk article
2014 Thesis: The perception of small sculptures in relation to the human body, Faculty of Education, Art Education Department, Ljubljana



2011 ‘Fashion Week’ at Youth Hostel Hisa mladih, Ajdovscina, Slovenia

2012 ‘Philips Fashion Week’ at Urban Culture Institute Kino Siska, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2012 ‘Fashion Week’ at Youth Hostel Hisa mladih, Ajdovscina, Slovenia
2013 ‘Slovenia Fashion Week’ at Urban Culture Institute Kino Siska, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2014 ‘Urbana Ljubljana’ at Situla, Ljubljana



2013 November ‘Ceramic Jewellery Workshop’ at Anselma, Ljubljana

2014 February ‘Ceramic Jewellery Workshop’ at Anselma, Ljubljana

2015 June ‘Ceramic Jewellery Workshop’ at Riiba, Izola

2016 February ‘Ceramic Jewellery Workshop’ at Anselma, Ljubljana

Click here for any upcoming workshop dates!



2015 Elle Style Award, Young Talent Category


2010 Geometric/Organic
2011 Feathers & Stones
2012 Transitions I
2012 Transitions II
2012 Bipolar/The Shape of Mind
2013 Materia Eterna/Relics of a Modern Man

From my personal point of view chances are my collaborative partner every time I’m in a creative process. To use ceramics as your main material often means reinventing the meaning of the basic creative process – sometimes you control the matter and sometimes the matter controls you. For quite some time I struggled to take control, but the nature has its own way and it was futile to resist its power. That was when I decided I want to include chances and randomness of the medium in my artwork.
My work incorporates a considerable shift from the established jewellery design to the experimental form. At the same time my collections pay respect to the Mother Nature, especially to the fire, which is my close associate in the process of my art design.
Moreover, each piece of my artwork has and tells a story – a story about the fascinating process each piece has to undergo to become a final object, a story from the very beginning, when a set of earthly substances pass through fire, until the final transformation into a solid form.
While designing my artwork I always ponder over the gravity factor, which guides me to the typical exaggerated dimensions that, however, often make me wonder about the wearability and functionality of my jewellery and – if it is still a jewellery in a traditional meaning.
Therefore, I always attempt to place ceramic products into their non-typical milieus – through contrasting soft materials as well by enticing softness from ceramic objects, altering their form and assigning them new shapes. Contrasts are my passion – light and heavy, rough and gentle, geometric and organic, industrial and handmade. And ceramics precisely is the medium that enables me to explore all these aspects.
I’m trying to manifest objects to be as far as they can from being objects of body embellishment by giving them an alternative meaning of consisting only in a relation to the human body. While placing them on the human body, the body surface – skin, they become unique, inimitable and chances and randomness are jet again playing an important role, because of the basic body functions, heat that it is providing, the constant movement it is in. Therefore I made pieces that are not necessarily worn at usual places – around the neck or fingers. My latest work strongly reflects my great passion and determination of turning jewellery into miniature sculptures.

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