I spent one week in Denmark’s lovely capitol Copenhagen, where I attended a Tortus Copenhagen workshop.

First of all, I was astonished by the amount of good design everywhere in this city. Seems like it’s really running through their DNA; even street fashion feels like a COS runway (coincidentally there were tons of stores that reflected that good old Danish love of clean designs and, you know, the notorious danish budgets).

Whether it seemed just like a small casual café in a back alley – the interiors were just ah-mazing. As I was drinking my 45 DKR latte (around 7,50 €) in front of a fair trade – organic – mix of vintage wood and modern decor – café, it dawned on me that the Danes may have invented a modern instagram photo.

This is an example of a Copenhagen café:


Incidentally I was told not to drink Danish coffee, because it supposedly tastes like sh**, but I was somehow spared of this experience due to the huge number of trendy cafés on every corner, serving nothing but tasty espressos.


All was great coffee wise until I entered Sweden on the last day of my trip, where I got served the worst – and I mean THE WORST – coffee I have ever had in my life (I actually came up with an as close as possible description of its taste: my parents have a wood cook stove at home and sometimes my mother would forget a pressure cooker full of beans so it slowly started to burn on the bottom and she would quickly add some water to it. If you drank that water, if would taste as that Swedish coffee. I feel a bit sorry now because everything else was more than great about my trip to Sweden).

Spending days at lovely Tortus studio started to feel like a dream come true. Here’s me on the first day (I don’t know if I’m doing this on purpose but when it comes to messy clothes it seems like I’m the sloppiest potter there is).


We all thought this outfit deserves a photo. Slowly but surely I got even messier over the next few days. So at the end of the workshop I kind of looked like this:


But who cares, right? As long as I got a chance to make pottery all day long, guided by one of the best potters there is. Plus, the workshop included lunches that sort of looked like this:


And here are some pieces to prove I’ve actually learned something new about pottery:





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