Only two days left to big event!

Here are some of the new pieces that I’ll present at GUD Shop along with beautiful bags by Viva’s Leather Goods. My initial idea came from the first serious collection I did and I actually had a kind of nostalgia when I was trying to figure out which elements go together (I never make sketches for this kind of jewelry, just a lot of elements. It’s like playing a game of mix and match).

12141670_1053419768015868_6223150724879455778_n 12140818_1053419704682541_1122308158911060759_n 12109962_1053419584682553_7712531352345347772_o 12096225_1053419711349207_8043383051047902892_n 12095239_1053419658015879_1883397116268224310_o 12094945_1053419708015874_2335671129141820307_o 12045380_1053419574682554_7456771476844280412_o 12031587_1053419771349201_3443710037757267894_o



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