Relics of a modern man

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At one point of human history man started placing objects as closest to him as it was possible – placed on his body and his skin. This eventually evolved into the world filled with objects, surrounding us in everyday life. Those primal objects had to be treated with some respect as objects of special importance otherwise they wouldn’t find their place so close to human’s body. After centuries, they were turned into objects of human embellishment and great adoration, stating the wealth and grandeur of the one who wore them.

At this point I want to exclude the entire world of meaningless everyday objects that find their way significantly close to our body and return to that sacred relationship, while adopting it as relics of a modern man.
This objects don’t necessarily have to be miniature in size and they are certainly not supposed to be treated as objects of embellishment.

This kind of artwork does not exist without a presence of a human form and its natural movement.


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