Materia Eterna

PrintThere is only a week left to the runway show at Fashion Week Slovenia. I’ll be presenting my jewellery collection Materia Eterna with a great Slovenian designer Alesandra Brlan. I’m sure it’s going to be an exciting week. Too bad I’m not going to see the show first hand because I’ll be busy backstage.

My good friend and architect Tea is helping me with the presentation at the Fashion Week Boutique, a kind of showroom, where all the pieces from the new collection will be shown. You are welcome to come and try them on and experience them first hand.

While creating my last collection I figured I have a thing for rings. Until now brooches were my object of endless adoration in which I could manifest my ideas the most. But lately I find rings to be quite intriguing to design and I love the fact that you can wear several of them at a time and thereby create a completely new object.



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