The new collection consists of several objects, there are around 30 pieces and they are mostly experimental. Some of them are not very practical to wear, mostly they’re exaggerated and heavy. I’m trying to manifest my jewellery not only as objects of embellishment but also as objects that consists only in a relation to the human body. Therefore I made pieces that are not necessarily worn at usual places – around the neck or fingers. This collection reflects my passion and determination of turning jewellery into small sculptures.

473215_587857254572124_902678734_o 892982_576520262372490_1065656168_o 921628_590399617651221_245210518_o 931447_588561964501653_1703126470_n 966312_592279334129916_1254925764_o 976992_592848474073002_1387300779_o 247164_587858754571974_406395403_n 389122_585914874766362_1733891845_n 465010_587861117905071_1419322860_o


One thought on “Experimental

  1. Hana, tvoje mojstrovine so krasni kosi za na ogled postavit. Kjerkoli. Tudi na steni ali v vitrini. Pomembna kolekcija.

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